Survival Games on Windows 8

Survival Games: Season 1 on Windows 8, click here to download it!

Windows 8 Version:

You can now download and get online with our first of two PC builds of Survival Games. Be sure to play the tutorial first, as there are quite a few game mechanics you will need to learn to master if you are to survive longer than the first night.

You can jump online at any time, and search for other games being played.  Survival Games will automatically select a gameserver local to your region for you to play on, but you may also choose. This is a BETA version of Survival Games, which means we are watching and analyzing game data in preparation for the first patch. Be sure to report any issues, ideas and other feedback to us!

You can play with Keyboard and mouse or a Gamepad. Survival Games is often about clever decisions, and sneaky attacks as opposed to twitch shooting.

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Survival Games is #1 on Xbox, and three updates!

At the time of this writing, the v1.1 update has been live for over a week, and the v1.2 update is in review, pending release.

Survival Games: Season 1 has shot to the top of the Indie section in both the most popular section as number one, and in the top 3 as highest rated in the Indie Section on Xbox 360! This success is simply awesome, and has allowed us to go a little crazy with the size and depth of each update.

Please read on for good news, and if you have any comments, post onto our forums!


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Survival Games Season 1, available on Xbox 360

You can download Survival Games: Season 1 for Xbox 360 from here.

The launch of the first season of the Survival Games for Xbox 360 has gone very well with it taking the #1 spot within 48 hours of release! Again and again we find players stunned by the quantity of features, and depth of the Survival Gameplay. This post will fill you in on what’s coming up in v1.1 for Xbox 360.



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