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LANs and gaming events

This post is a little different, as I’d like to share the absolute fun that is PC Gaming LANs!

If you’re into either PC or Console gaming then at some point, you’ve probably packed up your gaming gear and headed out to a mate’s place for some gaming. After hours of capture the flag/No rush Supremacy/Fiesta laden with sugary drinks and delicious pizza, you may have wondered what it would be like with more people.

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Progress Update

Did you enjoy your Easter break? And did you get your hands on any of the Survival Games Easter content?

Aside from the seasonal game banner, during Easter you can find bunny ears, chocolate eggs and other items in chests. Read on for some progress updates!


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Survival Games is Free!

The free version is now live, and you can get it here. With one shared online community, there are now more online games being played than ever in Survival Games: Season 1 for the Windows Store.

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