Milestone 1


This list was created in March of 2011, and revised in february of 2012 and again in july 2012. Milestone 1 is availible on the wp7 marketplace now however it is being developed iteratively and does not contain all of the features of milestone 1 at lauch.

The Promise

The first instalment of will serve as the bare minimum of what to expect in CraftWorld. This is the largest list of the three, as it needs to establish many core systems that make CraftWorld the game it is meant to be, instead of an incomplete block engine. These features however, may be minimalistic in their implementation allowing room for growth in further milestones.

Here is a list of some of the planned features for Milestone 1.
(Not in any specific order)

  1. [DONE] Procedurally generated block based world that is explorable/ editable
  2. Basic cities and towns. See post-apocolyptic cities filled with zombies at first.
  3. [DONE]Collect and interact with world items, in a stack based system.
  4. [DONE]Simple stack based crafting for creating blocks, books, tools etc…
  5. Basic magical spells based up DECKS RPG statistics.
  6. [DONE]Propogation based lighting method.
  7. Propogation based water physics.
  8. Brewery system for making wines, beers and spirits
  9. [DONE]Realtime 3D physics
  10. [DONE]Ambient occlusion, to create depth and definition to the terrain.
  11. HD Graphics mode
  12. [DONE]SD Graphics mode. Low system requirements
  13. RPG system “DECKS”. Level up, earn XP based on your actions.
  14. [DONE]Book system. Provides a unique, and non-invasive tutorial system.
  15. [DONE]Creatures.
  16. Basic furniture, such as a bed, door, window, bench, trapdoor
  17. Day night cycles, affecting the creatures.
  18. Statistics accessible by player
  19. [DONE]Craftable camera so you can take in game photos
  20. [DONE]Paintings for you to place your photos taken with the camera
  21. Basic Armour, to protect against creatures and hazards
  22. [DONE]Weapons, with which to stave off the wee beasties.
  23. [DONE]Item and tool degradation.
  24. Food preperation seperate from smelting and potion systems.
  25. Basic farming, of a few base crops such as Hops and wheat.
  26. [DONE]Cloud storage backup solution for Windows Phone 7
  27. [DONE]Release on WP7
  28. Release on Xbox 360
  29.  Release on PC in at least one distrubution channel
  30. [DONE]3D Audio
  31. [DONE]Support for a wide range of texture pack sizes
  32. [DONE]User editable signs
  33. [DONE]Dyes, a means of customizing color of any block type
  34. [DONE]Creative Mode
  35. [DONE]Hardcore Mode
  36. [DONE]Survival Mode
  37. [DONE]Advanced smelting, using an alloy based system

Many items on this list are 75% – 90% complete at the time of this writing (July 2012), however I am only marking off what is DONE. That does not limit us from further improving systems based on gameplay, feedback or markteplace requirements.

This list may grow and change, as the game evolves up until the first release. As we have many more unique features planned to further evolve our game.