CraftWorld v2.10 Submitted!

Patch inbound ladies and gentlement! The v2.10 update for CraftWorld has finally been submitted to Microsoft for review. Assuming all goes well, and they are quick, you could have this update as soon as this weekend!

The new Bucket, with a load of water and a recently drenched area.

The new Bucket, with a load of water and a recently drenched area.

What’s New?

Bug fixes are nice, but you guys are have really been crying out for some new toys to play with. Well, we’ve added one of the big ones; propogating water (varying heights) and buckets! You will now encounter waterfalls, streams and flowing creeks in your exploration of CraftWorld.

Wooden buckets can also be crafted from wooden planks to haul about the water to your own hand crafted ponds and moats. Buckets wear out after 10 uses, so be sure to always have plenty of wood on hand.

Fences as mentioned in a previous post are also arriving in v2.10, and may be placed as posts, or stacked into a sort of scaffolding. They have extra tall collision, and auto jump fails to even trigger when running into them. Making them just perfect for keeping zombies, pigs, sheep and the other wee beaties locked up. The addition of a gate turns your pet prision into something a little more farm friendly.

Explosions have been changed also. The logic that drives the damage they cause has been replaced with a pressure system instead of a random system. They cut out an area around them, dealing damage to blocks close to the epicenter. Detonating a dynamite crate, with you hiding behind a solid wall of Adamantium will now be something that is safe to do. This also means that if you wrap a peice of dynamite in solid stone, then detonate it, the explosion will be forced out of the gap, and do more damage over a greater distance!


A pressure based explosion in debug form. No more random cuttouts!

A pressure based explosion in debug form. No more random cuttouts!

What’s coming later?

Theres a point where we stop adding, and start cleaning up ready for a release. Metal buckets and lava are still too buggy for release right now, so will be appearing in v2.11. Material permutations are a huge and complex changeset, and will be fully completed and made availible also in v2.11. There will also be a new creative menu dedicated to just dyes, in creative mode, with new blocks availible in the extra space.

Dye Crafting will also be availible in v2.11. If we can, we will break up the v2.11 update into two smaller updates.


Coming in the release post on this blog! Stay tuned and thanks for reading!


Note: These changes also apply to the BlockWorld v1.2 patch which is still in development.


23 Responses to CraftWorld v2.10 Submitted!

  • sammob says:

    Hey jarryd, I was wondering if you know any awesome seeds that I can fight hordes of zombies

  • SerkanLives says:

    Reaally nice guys, i think flowing water was very difficult so… Good job !
    I have a question: where is the extra space on the screen ? Under the item button ?

    • Jarryd says:

      There is no extra creative menu space in v2.10 of CraftWorld. You have lost four colors of dye for the time being.

      In v2.11, dyes will be removed from the item menu, and given their own creative menu. All complex blocks such as the permuations of fences, slabs and stairs, including gates and torches, will be moved to the items menu to fill up the extra space.

      Which also means the dye count will double, and blocks like Sandstone will become availible in Creative mode in v2.11

      Flowing water was quite a challenge, but Daniel did a really good job of getting it ready quickly. There are a number of complex, hyper compressed sub-systems powering our block engine that allow us to implement things such as permuations, damage and dyes without the bulk of complex World objects such as the smelter and chest. This is what the v2.8, v2.9 and v2.10 bug fix updates have building up to. And also why BlockWorld’s multiplayer update was delayed by almost 2 months.

  • kay says:

    heyyy guys…
    just wondering when the update will be up for grabs? cant wait… thanks,

  • Ethan says:

    When you say microsoft, you mean for the xbox right?

  • sammob says:

    Hey jarryd I have an awesome world can you try it and suggest what other thing I should build if you want to,I’ll give you my cloud account

  • kayla says:

    I don’t understand the cloud thing… Can you view our worlds? Or what… So confused…

    • Jarryd says:

      You backup files to the cloud.

      If we need to, we can download worlds that you backup.

      All files in the cloud can be downloaded from CraftWorld FREE, BETA or PAID.

  • Serkan Lives says:

    Dear Jarryd,

    I’ve two little Questions.

    1. The performance is improved yeah ?
    Because my “High end ” Lumia 800 gots a 1,4 ghz single core processor with a ~512 mb ram
    If i change all of the graphics to High, i got 20 frames pro second. But if i change the view distance from tiny to normal OR extreme, i got constandly 9 fps..

    2. Do you know something about the release date of 2.10 ?

    • Jarryd says:

      1) This update moves a lot of processing of game logic to background threads. This means that the entire game feels a lot more smooth, and there are far less “Shudders” if you’ve noticed them at all. The extreme view distance, and high graphical settings are actually beyond the expected capabilities of 2nd gen handsets. This is future proofing for devices such as the Lumia 920 and the HTC 8x. When more powerful devices hit the market, CraftWorld is ready to eat up that extra grunt! The WP8 handsets are also dual core, which CraftWorld will absolutely benefit from.

      We’re treating the mobile platform more like a PC than a console (like an Xbox)

      2) I know that none of the 2.10 updates (FREE BETA PAID) have failed review. So it should be real close now. I apologize it’s taking so long.

      Version 2.11 should be much quicker, within about a fortnight of v2.10. The permuation system, and additional creative menu and lava are all pretty much done. We’re bug fixing, and testing those new features right meow.

    • Jarryd says:

      Also Serkan,

      Be careful when quoting frame rates. My first response is to mark that down, but you do not have access to a frame rate counter. A game running at 120fps, with hitches and stutters feels significantly worse than a game running at a buttery smooth 24 fps.

      Are you on a floating island world with a lot of complex structures also?

  • Serkan Lives says:

    Update 2.10 just Appeared.

  • theviking39 says:

    When I started playing the new version my doors were not there stairs were like pink and broze pick axes were everywhere can u tell me why?

    • Jarryd says:

      Bronze pick axes? Those would be plants with insane growth values. Don’t load any other worlds. This isnt crashing worlds, it’s just some cheesy corruption (which is still serious)

      We’ll get v2.11 out asap

  • Serkan Lives says:

    Everytime i load my world the game crashed. it happens as i was testing the new update 2.10.
    I tested the new fences and gates. I placed a gate wrong, so i hit it with the diamond axe. Puff! It crashed. The cloud system is a bit difficult for me . I uploaded a world for 3 months as world 1. The world that crashes is world 1 too. So if i try to click on upload, it not works because there is a red cloud.

  • diana says:

    I have pick axes that show up everywhere too but I also have pork and drumsticks (chicken legs) showing up everywhere too and you can’t pick them up why are they everywhere with no purpose??

    • diana says:

      I no longer have these things showing up and now I have no animals either help please

      • Jarryd says:

        I’m currently sitting in a pub after a Microsoft event about the WP7 and WP8. I have the v2.11 update ready to upload, but am running through the last stages of testing.

        Can you make a post in the forums with more info? As much as you can manage. Search for bokchoy. Also, uploading to the cloud can help me see it for myself.

  • diana says:

    Thank you for the help I am forums stupid.. I never know what to do or where to go.
    I upload to the cloud everytime I play so is there info you need from me to check??

    • Jarryd says:

      Your world has some corruption because it was in both v2.9 and v2.10. I need to download your world, and our forums are at, if you would like to make a post. All I need is your cloud account username, so if it is the same as your username used to post right here, then I have it without you making it public.

      You can also email us.