MIGW and December 7 Early Access

This is devlog 30 for Survival Games, and I’ll be covering our recent appearance at PAX in Melbourne.
For those that are new to Survival Games, it’s a round based Multiplayer Survival Shooter with Voxel style and maps that change every time you play. Survival Games is built in the Hazzah Engine and is coming to Steam on December 7th 2017.

You can keep reading, or check out the Devlog video. It’s got Jarryd, one of devs (Netcode programmer) reading this post with some Zombies mode in the background.

Down here in Australia, we have something called Melbourne International Games week. It is ten day event that draws over sixty thousand people. There are industry, educational and consumer gaming activities and events. The Penny Arcade Expo runs at the end of this, and goes for three days.
We at 2.0 Studios were offered a last second placement, to showcase our game as a part of PAX rising. This is a set of showcases from small indie teams with modest beginnings.
During the three days, thousands of people checked us out. We ran a live demo of Survival Games showing off the Zombie Survival mode in single player. We also showed Arena Shooter in a two player Multiplayer session. We saw all kinds of gamers ranging from MLG thirty somethings to adorable little kids jump on and try it. From a developers perspective, it was an incredible learning experience. We could see what delighted and what frustrated gamers first hand. This has already led to some big improvements to Survival Games.
The new four mode main menu screen in Survival Games
The new four mode main menu screen in Survival Games
We gave out hundreds of promo cards as well. So if you’ve come back to check us out after seeing us at PAX, thanks again! You guys offered some really insightful feedback, and it was just plain wonderful for us to you all having so much fun.
So in conclusion, PAX Melbourne 2017 was out first ever showcasing of one of our games in our eight year history, but it certainly will not be our last. In the next developer log, I’ll be discussing the Point of Interest System in Survival Games, and how that affects Battle Royale mode.
Thank you for reading, and be sure check out Survival Games on Steam when it drops into Early Access on December 7th!