Survival Games and PAX 2017


Survival Games will be coming to Early Access on November 24, 2017

Since the time of our last writing, Survival Games has undergone a massive transformation. It includes not just one mode of play, but four. There is also now 8 maps instead of one.

If you’re one of the cool kids heading off to PAX Melbourne next weekend, you can check us out in the PAX Rising section where we will be running four player rounds of Survival Games!

The banners that you'll see at our booth at PAX Rising, Melbourne Australia!
The banners that you’ll see at our booth at PAX Rising, Melbourne Australia!
So let’s break down the game modes this fantastic new build of Survival Games has:

This is the flagship gametype. Inspired by Battle Royale, and the Hunger Games movie/book series, Gladiator pits a dozen players against one another in a brutal fight to the death. Large sections of the map change each time you play, and loot is randomly placed so that you can never memorise and own the world. And at the end? The dome shrinks. Take THAT campers!

Hunting sheep in Gladiator Mode
Hunting sheep in Gladiator Mode
Co-operative Survival is the meaning of this gametype. City 26 has been overrun by the hordes of the dead that you must fend off. As each day passes, they grow more powerful and numerous. Delve into the sewers, through the locked doors and be rewarded with the best gear. But beware, the foulest undead creatures love the dark and winding corridors.
Sofia slaying a Zombie in City 26
Sofia slaying a Zombie in City 26
Fast paced in your face shooter gameplay inspired by the greatest first person shooters of all time. In Deathmatch, collect weapons from the map and blow each other away. Many maps are tributes to legendary first person shooter games such as Halo, Unreal Tornament and Counterstrike. But remember, this is a block game. Terrain will be destroyed, and scorched a myriad of different colors as your play.
In game screenshot, taken in an Arena tribute map
In game screenshot, taken in an Arena tribute map
Build your own maps block by block. Take the base maps this ships with, modify and invite your friends to try out your wicked new changes. Name nodes, weather controllers, creature spawners and more await builders.
We’re also offering two different multiplayer modes. Steamworks for online play, with a quick and easy search and join system. Keep your games private, boot the fools or just drop into new public games whenever you are slain.
Local Network Play, does not rely on an internet connection. Lightning fast, and lag free the way you’re dad’s shooters used to be. This is perfect for those of you who attend public LANS or simply invite a few mates over for the weekend. We at 2.0 love LAN gaming, and deem this essential to a true multiplayer game.
Survival Games is multiplayer game, that is without a doubt. Gamers who just want some alone time should know that without other players, creatures and the elements still make for incredible opposition. Fending off Zombies for days in game, or simply lasting as long as you can in the Arena by hunting food and building shelter keeps this game engaging. Oh, and you can always just burn a dozen hours building stuff if that’s more your speed too.

Follow us, and let us know what you think as Survival Games makes the push into Early Access and beyond!

Thank you for reading!

Steve, with a crafted weapon.
Steve, with a crafted weapon.