BlockWorld v3 Beta

Multiplayer, playable races and over 700 new blocks and items are in BlockWorld v3. Do you want to play it right now?

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BlockWorld v3 Update is here!
BlockWorld v3 Update is here!

This update is huge, so we’re rolling it out slowly. So far, 1 in 10 Windows 10 users has the update, with this being ramped up until we completely replace the old v2.7 build. The Beta works in the same was as the Windows Insider Program for Windows 10. Beta users will get updates before everyone else, and when an update is checked out to be ready, it gets promoted to the Store for everyone else.

This means Beta users will always be a few versions ahead, checking out the newest, coolest stuff first! We also throw in coin packs, chests and other unlocks to help them out and say thanks!

Zombies in BlockWorld v3
Zombies in BlockWorld v3

But what’s in v3?
Multiplayer is the flagship feature. A simple server browser, lets you just jump on and find a world to join. Or you can open up your world for others to join. It’s also got:

  • Creatures, such as the Bunny, Dragon and Mushy.
  • Four playable races!
  • Character Customisation. Face, shirts, shoes, hats etc…
  • Glowing, animated blocks
  • ‘Debris Blocks’. Sunflowers, pebbles, driftwood and other stuff that’s not a big fat cube.
  • Signs. Put the word BANK up in 4m wide letters, or some filth on the ground.
  • Nodes, such as player spawners
  • Vitals, such as stamina, sleep, hunger, mana and fuel.
  • Deep combat, with Block, power attack, Aim Down Sight and throw.
  • New terrain generators, with bigger more detailed biomes.

There’s more than this, so it’s honestly better if you just check it out. We’re pretty stoked to be bringing this update out.