A first person sandbox, with over a thousand blocks and items, creatures, multiplayer and more. Basically, a great place to just build stuff.

Platform: Windows 8 / Windows 10 / Xbox 360
Genre: Sandbox Adventure


  • 32 Player Multiplayer (On Xbox 360)
  • Procedurally generated terrain
  • Multiple world generators (Floating island, flatlands etc…)
  • Over a thousand blocks and items (Windows 10)
  • Server Browser
  • Xbox Live Avatars (Xbox 360)
  • World permissions
  • Realtime Physics engine
  • Infinite world size.
  • Combat Mode
  • Guns!
Free Version
Free Version
Paid Version
Paid Version


BlockWorld is the second title in a series of block-games that has expanded to Xbox 360 and the Windows Store. Each block game focuses on different game mechanics, with BlockWorld offering the ultimate creative editor. Be sure to check out the paint and dye system, to color your world, something you won’t find in any other game. If you would like to learn more, follow this blog!

You and your friends create worlds in BlockWorld. With the best graphics, largest worlds and most items you can do anything you want. Unlock new blocks and items with Awards in uniquely generated worlds during the day and night in BlockWorld. Swords, Arrows, bombs and Guns let you challenge your friends to combat and destruction in BlockWorld.

On the Windows Store, BlockWorld offers both a free (advertising, and IAP supported) version and a paid version.


Play as any one of four different races!
Play as one of four races!
Countless character customization options, as your next wallpaper.
Character customization options
BlockWorld has farm creatures. Hostile creatures coming soon!
Farm themed creatures!








Build perfect farms with the Farm Pack.
Build farms with the Farm Pack.
Beautiful sunsets with day night cycles.
Beautiful sunsets
Biomes complete with snowfall at night time.
Biomes with snowfall at night.







Multiplayer featuring Avatars on Xbox 360
Avatars on Xbox 360
BlockWorld multiplayer group shot in v1.1
Multiplayer on Xbox 360
Sharper lighting, and new blocks underneath the new BlockWorld sky in v2.0
Xbox 360 castle multiplayer