A first person survival game, with a strong emphasis on crafting and construction. This begins at a fully editable world allowing to you build castle’s, building, tunnels etc… and extending to crafting of weapons, tools, books and even the betterment of your own character.

Platform: Windows Phone
Genre: Sandbox / Survival


  • Survival Mode,
  • Creative Mode
  • Free Cloud Storage, up to five worlds
  • Creatures
  • Crafting and Smelting
  • Day night Cycles
  • Fully editable terrain
  • Procedurally generated worlds
Free Version
Free Version
Paid Version
Paid Version

CraftWorld is the first title in a series of Block-Games that have begun on Windows Phone, and extended out to Xbox and PC. Each of these block games focuses on different core game mechanics. If you wish to learn more about these titles, visit for news and updates about our different block games.

Here you can see new arrows, swords and Sheep, a Zombie, a chicken and pig that are all in the upcoming CraftWorld

Early Wp7 build (1.1) with castle, and 1st gen level generator.

CraftWorld smelter burning a book to create stone from gravel.

In game book used as a non-intrusive tutorial system.