LANs and gaming events

This post is a little different, as I’d like to share the absolute fun that is PC Gaming LANs!

If you’re into either PC or Console gaming then at some point, you’ve probably packed up your gaming gear and headed out to a mate’s place for some gaming. After hours of capture the flag/No rush Supremacy/Fiesta laden with sugary drinks and delicious pizza, you may have wondered what it would be like with more people.

LANSlide v15.0, a PC gaming LAN in Australia
LANSlide v15.0, a PC gaming LAN in Australia

There is one that we like to attend in Australia, called Lanslide. It’s a brilliant event, laden with tournaments and prizes. There’s always someone playing something you like, and is a great way to get shown new, brilliant games that you normally would overlook.

I’d recommend giving one close to you a go, and run through this list the night before:

  1. Is Steam up to date?
  2. Is Origin up to date?
  3. Is up to date?
  4. Have you got spare drive space for new games you’ll install? (15gb min)
  5. Is your Mouse, keyboard, controller and headphones all packed?
  6. Some spare cables (IEC, HDMI, Display Port) is a good idea.
  7. Spare batteries.
  8. Receivers and dongles!
  9. A blanket to protect your rig in transit.

If you have any questions, you can reach me on the forums when I’m not working on games!