Survival Games is Free!

The free version is now live, and you can get it here. With one shared online community, there are now more online games being played than ever in Survival Games: Season 1 for the Windows Store.

Survival Games Season 1 banner
Survival Games Season 1 banner

We at 2.0 Studios know from talking to you guys, that you want everything for free. So we offer Survival Games, in addition to BlockWorld and CraftWorld in both premium single pay, and free ad supported editions. Survival Games is a just a little bit very special, as it adds to the multiplayer experience in a very significant way by sharing the multiplayer community.


Customers of our full price edition, can now enjoy the influx of fresh meat to hack, shoot and betray. Our new free edition, helps us at 2.0 out by displaying advertisements, and offering a fixed number of in app purchases for those wishing for a bit more.


When we release our glorious Steam version of Survival Games, it will too tap into the same online community. This will again swell online numbers, for both the free and paid Windows Store editions and offer the same crazy survival experience. We’re pretty proud of our shared multiplayer systems.

So if you have not tried Survival Games on Xbox 360, or Windows yet, give this one a go. (It’s fun)