Survival Games on Windows 8

Survival Games: Season 1 on Windows 8, click here to download it!

Windows 8 Version:

You can now download and get online with our first of two PC builds of Survival Games. Be sure to play the tutorial first, as there are quite a few game mechanics you will need to learn to master if you are to survive longer than the first night.

You can jump online at any time, and search for other games being played.  Survival Games will automatically select a gameserver local to your region for you to play on, but you may also choose. This is a BETA version of Survival Games, which means we are watching and analyzing game data in preparation for the first patch. Be sure to report any issues, ideas and other feedback to us!

You can play with Keyboard and mouse or a Gamepad. Survival Games is often about clever decisions, and sneaky attacks as opposed to twitch shooting.

An example of Explosives as seen from the Tutorial
An example of Explosives as seen from the Tutorial

Xbox 360 Patches 3 and 4:

On the 15th of January, the v1.3 update was submitted to the Xbox Live Indie Games store, and approved on the 18th. This update included a large number of balance and bug fixes, as well as a smidgen of new content. A few of my favourite highlights include the addition of 100 new chests to the map, which only spawn based on the ammount of players present. All 100 will spawn in a full 16 player game. Another change, is female characters now have a ponytail, and many blocks now glow.

I’ve posted a full changelog below. These fixes, are all a part of the v1.0 release of Survival Games on Windows 8. The v1.4 update for Xbox 360, will be released before the end of January, to address some connection and networking issues we discovered whilst working on the Windows 8 build. Synergy!

You can download the Xbox 360 version from here.


More releases, and more updates!

We’re actively working on the Steam release, which will share the same multiplayer community as the Windows 8 version. That’s our next target. At the same time we have Windows 8 and Xbox 360 patches slated for release during January. Don’t even get me started on the Windows 8 Multiplayer for Blockworld! We’re all excited about all the fantastic releases we have for you guys in early 2015!



V1.3 Changelog:

Performance issues and bugs were dealt with by this patch.
We added a some new content too.

New Content:
– 100 new chests added
– 75 chests only spawn if there are lots of players
– Jetpack now spawns
– Jetpack starting kit
– Animated glow system to many blocks
– Females now have a ponytail
Bug Fixes:
– Some blocks did not glow on map load
– MOTD were not played randomly

– Incorrect MOTD
– Bow no longer makes noise when out of arrows
– Chest over spawning fixed
– World objects no longer keep parent region
– Spectators floating in sky fixed
– Beds no longer drop as error blocks
– Santa Gift did not render
– Music started in lobby
– Changelog no longer cut off screen
– Pits now stack correctly
– Kill scores sent correctly
– Find game screen locked until search complete
– Depth on items fixed
– Picked apples now same color as those on trees
– Network join crash fixed
– Privacy crash fixed
– Dead players no longer fly in the sky
– Chest spawners no longer interfere with each other
– Sky no longer jammed in midday at night
– Fill bars no longer flash when player is dead


Balance Changes:
– Hats more common

– Accessories more common
– Ammo is more common
– Chest Spawn algorithm improved
– Quitting players state if they are dead
– Fallen tree texture fixed
– A dead host cannot end the game
– Creatures drop double meat
– Water is wetter

A big thank you to all our customers and fans for making Survival Games Season 1 such a huge success so far.
If you have suggestions or something to report, remember to check out our forums!