Survival Games is #1 on Xbox, and three updates!

At the time of this writing, the v1.1 update has been live for over a week, and the v1.2 update is in review, pending release.

Survival Games: Season 1 has shot to the top of the Indie section in both the most popular section as number one, and in the top 3 as highest rated in the Indie Section on Xbox 360! This success is simply awesome, and has allowed us to go a little crazy with the size and depth of each update.

Please read on for good news, and if you have any comments, post onto our forums!

Survival Games Season 1, v1.2 box art refresh.
Survival Games Season 1, v1.2 box art has been updated to reflect gameplay additions. Note the bunny wearing a hat.


V1.1 (Update 1)

The primary focus of this update was the fix the stuttering performance. After that was achieved, we went a little bit crazy adding new features, which resulted in every hat and accessory having an ability. Here is the changelog.:

Bug Fixes:

– Massively improved performance (lag/stutters) in the tutorial.
– Massively improved performance (lag/stutters) in network games.
– Fixed the networking system not timing out during a crash.
– Players will now automatically disconnect if they hang on joining.
– Fixed a crash on the loading screen when loading the world.
– Fixed double button selection bug on the character screen.
– Fixed double button selection bug on the perk screen.
– Removed incorrect help text from items in a chest.
– Cleaned up some small issues in the advanced tutorial.
– Removed the exploit of eating strait from a chest.
– Pit traps are now placeable in the correct places.
– Fixed rendering bug where accessories could render black.
– Fixed the campfire rendering black when lit.
– Fixed crash when changing the player count of the lobby.
– Fixed a bug where player’s accessories and held items would render without fog.
– Fixed bug where gametype settings could be randomized on entering the lobby.
– Fixed bug where sometimes multiplayer chests are empty.
– Fixed death bug with crouching under half slab blocks.
– Many other small bug fixes and exploits are now fixed.


– Added transition loading screens between the lobby and other menus.
– Game now says sudden death on the HUD once sudden death has begun.
– Added microphone and chat icons in the lobby.
– Improved the general look of some menus.
– Made stat bars flash when they get low.
– Zooming in with the bow no longer removes the reticule.
– Disable the dome from being permanently red when shrinking.
– Gametypes the host has changed now show on the loading screen.

Balance Changes:

– Drawing a bow now uses stamina.
– You can no longer sprint while using the bow.
– Torches are now 4 times brighter when held in the hand.
– Added 1 second activation time to the bear trap.
– Stopped you from being able to block 99% of bullet damage.
– Dome no longer shrinks so much that it kills you.
– Bullet now does less damage.
– Balanced all the chest item spawns.

New Content:

– Added 9 new points of interest to the map.
– Added Cane to game
– Added Candy to game
– Added NEW ITEM EFFECTS to all the hats and accessories.
– Added wizard class to load-outs.


V1.2 (Update 2)

During the initial release, and the first update’s release, we have received error reports via the crash log screen. We anylized these, played games against our customers online and compiled a list of known bugs and performance issues. The biggest ammoung these, was crashes that occurred when accepting a game invite to a lobby when you were not in the game yet. Once these were complete, we added a bunch of new content again, such as the Scuba mask. Here is a changelog.


New Content:

– Added auto start system to the lobby
– Added lobby noises on player join and game start.
– Added seasonal content, Christmas
– Added seasonal content, Easter
– Added seasonal content, Halloween
– Added other seasonal greetings.

– Jet pack!
– Explosive Arrows!
– Santa Hat!
– Scuba Mask!
– Snorkel!
– Easter Ears!
– Tear Gas Grenades!
– Smoke Grenades!
– Bird Broach!
– Santa gift!

– And many other new items

Bug Fixes:

– Fixed 27 crash bugs.
– You can now see who has died on the player pane by holding back.
– Improved performance.
– Reduced lag.
– Fixed issues with the bed.
– Improved netcode for mobs and players.
– Fixed hand rendering glitches.
– Fixed some grenade damage issues.
– Fixed beds sometimes not working that were placed by the player.
– Player scores can be seen based on kill count.
– Fixed players sometimes not being able to spectate.
– Removed stamina flashes in spectate mode.
– Removed spectator ability to crouch.
– Made the crash screen camera friendly.
– Game now tells you if you are Starving to death.
– Fixed networking issues where clients could become out of sync.
– Fixed some items not rendering in the hand.
– Fixed energy drink rendering.
– Fixed cane rendering.
– Made altered settings in the lobby red.
– Hunger and sleep bars now disappear if they are disabled
– Fixed menu text on pause screen.
– Fixed network players not playing attacking noises.
– Fixed major bug where the lobby would sometimes take you to the wrong game.
– Fixed lobby settings not being syncronized.
– Added christmas goodies.
– Play beeps during final 5 seconds of countdown.
– Network info is now availible during waiting to start game.
– Fixed map tool objects from being pickupable.
– Supports seasonal banners.
– Supports seasonal items.
– Fixed join in progress.

Balance Changes:

– Increased cost of hats
– Grenades throw further
– Spectators get perk vision

This is a pig in a top hat. With a snorkel. Flying with a Jetpack. Survival Games is pretty cool.
This is a pig in a top hat. With a snorkel. Flying with a Jetpack. Survival Games is pretty cool.


V1.3 (Update 3)

We have one more update planned for Xbox 360, which is still being planned. This will be entirely based on customer feedback and bug reports.

If you have any ideas, quests or needs for this update,  you must post your suggestions to our forums. We anticipate this update occurring during January of 2015


Steam and Windows 8

These two platforms will be released in early 2015. If the Xbox 360 version’s success is any indicator of the kind of success we can hope to achieve on other platforms, then we are sure to make a lot of PC users happy!

The PC builds will support everything the Xbox build supports, with the addition of more advanced options and more control methods. If you have an Xbox controller , or a touch screen then you may play with these instead of the classic mouse and keyboard combo.

Expect to see these versions in early 2015.


New Seasonal content, like Christmas hats show up at specific times of year in v1.2
New Seasonal content, like Christmas hats show up at specific times of year in v1.2