Survival Games Season 1, available on Xbox 360

You can download Survival Games: Season 1 for Xbox 360 from here.

The launch of the first season of the Survival Games for Xbox 360 has gone very well with it taking the #1 spot within 48 hours of release! Again and again we find players stunned by the quantity of features, and depth of the Survival Gameplay. This post will fill you in on what’s coming up in v1.1 for Xbox 360.



v1.1 Patch

Amoung the praise, there are genuine bug reports and compaints of the Survival Games performance. We have just completed the v1.1 patch to address all of these issues and a lot more, such as balancing and will be submitting this to Microsoft’s review process to get this out to you guys ASAP. Some of the key issues are as follows:

  1. [FIXED] Stuttering performance caused by high-player count matches.
  2. [FIXED] Gamestate jammed in “Waiting for other players”
  3. [FIXED] Chest contents improperly balanced
  4. [FIXED] Stuttering performance in tutorial
  5. [FIXED] Clients could crash during gameplay-lobby transitions

The full list is over 34 items long, and can be found posted by one of our engineers in our forums here.

Balancing and Content

We’ve had a lot of requests to add even more content to the game, even though Survival Games is only a week old at the time of this writing. So in answer to those requests, we say YES and are including a number of new items and features to the v1.1 update. The biggest change will be to the hats and accessories system. These fun items previously had no function other than to amuse players, or dress up the starting kits.

Now, hats and accessories synergize with specific items (eg, Pirate hat, Eye patch and the rare Cutlass) or have a beneficial effect, such as improved swim speed for the Shark Fin hat. Be sure to read the item descriptions in game to see what is new. In addition to this, there are several new items, and the spawn rates in the randomly generated chests has been changed completely.

Steam and Windows 8

Our largest milestone has been met recently, with full Multiplayer now working on PC. These two are still incomplete, but if you are interested in the Steam version you can follow it’s page on the Steam Greenlight. We post news and updates there as well.