Version 1.1 is live, and CraftWorld is FREE!

Our latest patch went live today, version 1.1 and so did the free version of Craftworld! The free version is not the same as the paid version, because it IS the paid version of CraftWorld. It is a seperate download from the marketplace:


Download CraftWorld Free for Windows Phone 7.

The 1.1 patch addresses engine issues, bugs and provides a few tweaks amount other things. It you are still carrying the survival guide book, open it up and have a read. Its been redone, and contains all the crafting templates at the back. Also, craft a camera and have some fun with the paintings, the images you take appear on the painting at all times. Be it in your hand, on the wall or dropped on the ground in addition to the image landing in your phone’s media library.

You might notice that despite the content increase (mostly the book) , the download size remains small, smaller actually. We moving towards more procedural content creation, and trying to make the game more modder freindly in the long run. We are not ready for PC just yet, but we must bear these items in mind even when on unrelated platforms.

If you do manage to get a crash, you might notice the logs it puts out have been beefed up. Bugs and crashes are inevitable, especially with a game still in development, these huge feedback messages just ramp up our ability to find a solve any issue that does appear. Old bugs will be crushed by the weekly updates, but new ones will no doubt appear as we add more features. We write unit tests, perform playtesting and compile with the static analysis dialed up high, but we are ambitious with what we intend to add.

Both CraftWorld free, and paid are the exact same version. Same features, some items, same code. When an update goes out for one,it goes out for the other within 10 minutes. We will not grant bonuses for one or the other, nor penalise you for playing a particular one by denying functionality to either. The updates may be approved hours apart, but that will be under Microsoft’s control, not out own. The free version includes one ad during gameplay, which is how we generate revenue without your purchase. So by you simply spending time on your doom fortress in Craftworld Free, your are supporting further development. Animals, ladders, torches, multiplayer, dynamite, magic, XP points and more are all goals for Craftworld.

Thanks for reading!

5 Responses to Version 1.1 is live, and CraftWorld is FREE!

  • vakmix says:

    Craftworld still free, when the patch come out, or we need to buy it?
    I don’t have credit card, but i love craftworld, and my friends live it too…

    • Jarryd says:

      The free version of craftworld remains free and always will be free. You do not need to buy it. There is a seperate paid version.

  • damien says:

    en francai

  • Alan Maniau says:

    yesterday I was searching in the market of my windows phone 7 a good and free game until I find this AWESOME GAME! I have not play before something like this I tought it was difficult to uderstand but is just a matter of reading, I really love it, and the graphics are very nice and smooth in my cellphone I really like it very much i hope the free version keep being this awesome! and hope I can see more features or gameplays like online or I do not know the game very well yet but i really recommend it to my friends n__n thank you very much STUDIOS 2.0
    for this AWESOME and free game n__n!

  • Ethan says:

    Keep it free man we really need it