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We are need of some art.

Development is getting to the stage where programmer art and textures will no longer cut the mustard with CraftWorld. So we are putting out our feelers for an artist, and some art. If you have some skill in creating in game assets for games or know anyone that does, send us an email with a link to your work, and some samples. We are still very very early in this stage, so there is not a lot of art needed, but a wide variety of it. The exact specifics items are still being discussed. This an ongoing part of CraftWorld.

This is what we are looking for:
(items listed here are just examples to give an idea of what is needed, not the exact items needed)

  • A few rigged and textured creatures eg. Chicken, Goblin, etc..
  • Texture based permutations for some of these creatures
  • Some texture packs, of both Retro style and HD style (the latter including bump, spec, parallax and emissive textures)
  • Basic Items such as a pick, shovel, short sword etc…
  • Some basic furniture, such as a trap door, window etc..

Theme and Style:
(CraftWorld has two themes)

The first theme, is the Vanilla theme. No big hands and haunches like wow, nothing to gritty and no extra use of shiny colored metals (halo). A player’s creation reflects what they want to build, be it stone castle or underground fallout shelter. Picking medieval cobblestones, or using lots of gothic angles can ruin creations by making them seem odd, and out of place. This applies to everything from naked soil to an iron shotgun/oak shield weapon combo.. It is up to the player to decide what year it is, and even if magic is present in their world. So with a very plain, vanilla theme, a griffin can sit next to a robot without one looking a little twisted and wierd by a steampunk or futuristic style.

The second theme, is a retro theme. The existence of this theme, is the result of necessesity due to the blocky based terrain. Many find will find it jarring to have a nice round detailed eagle landing on a tree built out of colored cubes. So the primary models each creature and object will use initially, are the retro 3D sprite forms.

HD Mode:

CraftWorld is built to have a HD mode, that can be turned on completely or in peices. A few shaders, or complete replacement for models and textures. This means that the 3D sprite looking models will have higher detailed, more traditional versions for those players whom do not enjoy the retro look. A HD model of a Wizard needs to “match” it’s retro counterpart in size, and movement. Both will share the same collision and skelenton (if Creature
), making a purely asthetic change availible in HD mode. Each HD model also needs to have one step of LOD.


Other Block-World Games:

We are not trying to emulate or be completely different to other Block-World titles, but are just aiming for a neutral style that fits CraftWorld regardless of what else is out there. It’s our gameplay elements later on that will separate us more than appearance now.


Last Notes:

So if you are interested, let us know. Our budget is not gigantic, and there is much yet we are to decide.

Contact: Games (at)